HSC facilities have been designed with the aim that all aspiring candidates get an environment most inducive to sustained and focused effort that culminates in their successful entry into the Indian Civil Services. In-house tests are regularly held so that candidates become well practiced in the fine art of expressing themselves, both verbally and on paper. Regular interaction with retired and serving civil servants hones the skills, and gives a cutting edge to the candidates. Availability of periodicals, internet access, and the dish TV widens their vision. The HSC library, open from 9 in the morning till 1 in the night gives them the right environment to immerse themselves in constructive learning and preparing for the Civil Services. The outsourced in-house mess service provides the candidates 4 wholesome and nutritious meals a day.

It is no exaggeration to say that the facilities and infrastructure created for the Study Circle are unequalled anywhere in the country. Exacting standards are applied in selection not only of the aspiring students but also of the revolving faculty. The success achieved by the Study Circle within the short span of its existence bears testimony to the quality of coaching imparted and the facilities and environment provided. Although the results so far have been gratifying, they do not reveal the entire picture. Even those candidates who could not finally make the grade in Civil Services Examination have benefitted by the Hamdard Study Circle environment.