Rules & Regulations


The Hamdard Study Circle looks forward to your joining HSC and wishes you success in your endeavours. In order to provide you an environment conducive to learning we have framed certain guidelines. It is in your interest to read these rules and regulations carefully and abide by them.

Please note that violation of these rules and regulations, as amended from time to time, may attract disciplinary action, and you may be asked to leave the Hamdard Study Circle.


1.         You are being provided one room for your individual accommodation. There are 26 single air conditioned rooms  for female candidates and 72 for male candidates. Apart from AC rooms we have 68 Non-AC rooms for male candidates and 17 for female candidates. We provide the following items in each room: 1. Single bed with mattress 2. Study Table 3. Chair 4. Bedside cabinet (in most rooms) 5. Cupboard/Steel almirah 6. Curtains 7. Waste Paper Basket 8. Display boards (in male candidate A/c rooms).   You are to put your own lock on the door. We expect you to use these items properly. In case you damage any of these items or any other HSC property, you will have to pay the cost of repairing together with a fine as deemed fit by HSC management.

2.         The air conditioned rooms will be allotted to the willing candidates, in the order of merit. 

All candidates getting accommodation in the Air conditioned rooms will have to make a security deposit of Rs. 5,000/- The security deposit will be refunded to the candidates when they leave the Hostel after clearing all their A.C. bills.

3.         Similarly, buildings and surroundings shall be kept neat, clean and tidy. Cleanliness is to

be maintained both inside the living area which includes the rooms, corridors and passages, staircases, toilets and washrooms, reading rooms, library, lecture rooms, recreation room and the general area. Littering is prohibited in and around the campus. You must use the waste paper baskets in each room and the dustbins on each floor. Candidates found littering may face strict action as deemed fit by the HSC management.

4.         Please ensure that plastic cups, sachets, etc are not pushed or stuffed into the WC’s/drains

in the shower area.

5.         Your rooms will be cleaned daily by the HSC cleaning and maintenance staff. You have

to ensure that our cleaning staff has access to your room at a time that the management will inform you. Please cooperate with the management in keeping your rooms and environment clean.

6.         Candidates will display socially acceptable, decent behaviour and proper etiquette at all

times. You will be appropriately dressed while moving out of your rooms, when going to the library, lecture room, dining hall, administrative office, academic associate’s office, discussion room, recreation room and the playing field and other parts of the Campus, You should not move around in your night suits or dressing gowns and should be decently attired at all times. If you are found moving around improperly dressed you may be asked to return to your room.

7.         All candidates will be provided with an identification card which they must carry on their

person and must produce it when asked.

8.         Candidates cannot invite friends and acquaintances to attend HSC lectures and tests or

avail of any other facility. Only bonafide HSC candidates can attend academic interactions and library.

9.         HSC management strongly discourages friends from coming to meet the candidates.

Parents coming to meet their wards can meet them in the Entertainment Room for a limited period of time. However, all such guests will have to first report at the HSC entrance and complete the visitor’s form available with the security guard. Guests can have meals in the Mess provided they obtain the necessary coupons from the reception desk and pay for it in the Mess. No parent or guest can stay overnight in the HSC residence. Candidates who break this rule will have to vacate their accommodation immediately and their candidature will stand cancelled. Any parent needing to stay overnight can avail the HES guest house facility by paying the charges at the Accounts Section.

10.       a)  Existing candidates, who do not clear the C.S.(prelims) examination, conducted by the

UPSC, and do not also apply for the entrance test conducted by the HSC, will have to vacate the hostel within seven days of the last date of filling up the HSC admission test form.

b)  Existing candidates, who do not appear in the C.S.(prelims) examination of UPSC, will have to vacate the hostel, within seven days of the declaration of result by the UPSC.

c)  Existing candidates, who do not clear the C.S.(prelims) exam and also do not clear the entrance examination of HSC, will have to vacate the hostel, within seven days of the declaration of result by HSC.

d)  After the last paper of UPSC Mains Examination is over, candidates will be given three working days to vacate the HSC Hostel.


11.       Attendance in the orientation programme is compulsory for all candidates without


12.       All candidates must without fail appear for the tests. There will be no exemption/postponement/rescheduling of these tests and test series.   Failure to appear in the tests and consistent unsatisfactory performance will result in the candidate being asked to leave the HSC.

13.       All candidates shall attend the lectures by experts on topics that are selected jointly by the

candidates and the academic associates. These lectures are arranged regularly and are intended to supplement the knowledge that candidates have already acquired through self-study. Academic associates are available in-house to discuss, explain, clarify and guide the candidates for their preparation for the Preliminary and Mains.  


14.       Experience has taught that the library is the best place for concentrated focused study and

the HSC management strongly recommends that most of the learning should be carried out in the library.

15.       TV programmes may be watched in the Recreation room which will be open from 6 pm

to 10.30 pm.


16.       Open on all days for 24 x 7 hours.

17.       If candidates have been sanctioned leave under exceptional circumstances, they are

advised to return library books and study material. These should be returned prior to proceeding on leave, on a working day as the Librarian will not be available on second and fourth Saturday, all Sundays and gazetted holidays. Candidates will not be allowed to leave the hostel if books/study material remain unreturned.

18.       Library books shall not be damaged. Candidates shall not scribble on the books. The

books, magazines and study material shall be read and handled in a manner that future batches can benefit from them. 

19.       Every candidate will be given two library cards and four books can be obtained on each


20.       Candidates may retain books and study material for one week and should return

books/study material on due dates.

21.       Candidates shall not underline, mark or make notes on any book, study material or


22.       Candidates shall not tear any page from the books or study material or magazines.

23.       After reading books, newspapers and magazines in the library the candidates shall return

these to the Librarian or library staff.

24.       Candidates are requested not to leave any belongings on the Library tables.


25.       The dining hall is for candidates of Hamdard Study Circle and Hamdard Coaching


The following timings shall be followed by HSC hostel residents:

Breakfast         –           9 am to 10 am

Lunch              –           1.30 pm to 2.30 pm

Evening Tea    –           5.15 pm to 5.45 pm

Dinner             –           8.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Regrettably meals will not be served to candidates that arrive late.

Crockery, cutlery, glasses or any other articles shall not be taken out of the dining hall. Mess timings are liable to change during Ramzan.  

26.       Candidates shall not interact with the mess contractor and the kitchen staff and will not

enter into any arguments with him and his staff. Any complaint regarding quality of food/service shall be referred to the Mess Committee that will take prompt action. 

27.       Meals may be taken only in the dining hall. Eatables and drinks shall not be taken outside

the dining hall. Candidates found violating this rule may face disciplinary action.

28.       Both smoking and passive smoking are injurious to health and should be avoided. If you

have to smoke you may do so only in your own room and not in any of the HSC buildings or anywhere on the campus.

29.       You are not allowed to cook or make tea, boil milk, etc in your room. You may be asked

to leave HSC if you are found breaking this rule.

30.       Electricity and water must be conserved. Lights, fans and air-conditioners in your room

and other areas of the building shall be switched off when not required. Geysers must be switched off after use to curtail wastage and eliminate expensive repairs. Any misuse of these valuable resources can result in the management withdrawing the facilities and/or imposing suitable fine.

31.       In case any candidate has any issue she/he should meet the Director in person. Candidates

shall not come in a group.



32.       The registration fee paid by the candidates at the time of admission is not refundable under any circumstances.


33.       Maintenance charges of Rs. 6500/- are paid monthly and will not be refunded in case any

candidate goes out of residence during the duration of the coaching programme.

34.       However, if a candidate has been intimated to join after the fifteenth of the month she/he

will pay for half the month. This does not apply to candidates that join late. In such cases the charges shall be payable in full.

35.       Candidates can deposit their monthly fee online through specified portal but not through their mobile (the link of which is available on HSC website) or pay by cheque latest by 10th of every month between 10 am to 1 pm in the HES Accounts Office. Late fine will be applied as follows:

  • Fee paid between 11th – 15th of the month                       Rs. 100/-
  • Fee paid between 16 – 31st of the month                          Rs. 200/-
  • Fee paid within 1 month of the month it fell due             Rs. 500/-

Upon expiry of period in (c) above the candidates will have to leave the institution.

36.       Candidates will not have any financial dealings with HSC staff and Mess staff.


37.       Success in these examinations can only be achieved if candidates devote their time

exclusively to their preparation. The management is of the view that candidates should not fritter away their time by going out of the campus be it for a few hours or longer. No candidate can leave the campus for overnight stay or go on leave without prior and proper approval from the Director. The candidate must submit a written request to the Director and a gate pass will be issued after approval. The leave application shall be filed, at least three days before leaving the campus.  Female candidates need to give details of where they are going and the date by which they will return.

38.       As is our policy, permission will not be given to attend weddings, birthdays or any other

family celebrations. Candidates shall remain committed to uninterrupted and dedicated study as the time is short and the toil hard.

39.       In case of an emergency candidates should submit their application at the earliest.


40.       The sports field in front of the school, the outdoor badminton courts (near school), the

basketball courts (near school) may be used from 5:30 pm to 6.30 pm (15 October to 31 March) and 6:15 pm – 7.15 pm (01 April to 14 October) every day of the week.

41.       A fully equipped Gymnasium is open at a subsidized membership of Rs. 500/- per month.

The timing for HSC candidates is 6:30 pm to 7.30 pm on all days except Sunday. (The timings are liable to change).


42.       The HSC girls hostel and HES girls hostel are out of bounds for HSC male candidates.

The candidates of HSC in general shall keep away from other units in the campus.


43.       Application for account settlement must be submitted at least 2 days (48 hrs) before date

of leaving the campus, both of which must be working days in HES. Settlement may be done through bearer cheque or NEFT transfer.

44.       Date and time for vacating the room, must be clearly mentioned in the application and the

room must be vacated accordingly.

45.       Furniture should not be moved from its designated place.