Vision & Mission


HSC is a platform to provide a conducive environment for holistic and comprehensive preparation for the civil services examination. Rigorous preparation in the form of regular and intensive test series, lectures, group discussions, extempore sessions and Guest lectures for all the stages of the civil services exam is ensured.

HSC has stood steadfast in its mission in reaching out to underrepresented and the most backward of areas and communities, all the while expanding its footprint across the length and breadth of the country.


While continuously striving to achieve equality and inclusivity in the society through empowerment of minorities and other weaker sections, HSC is committed to grooming its candidates in a manner whereby they would imbibe the values and virtues necessary for becoming good and competent administrators.

During their stay in the HC premises candidates from different castes, communities, religions, and regions interact with each other, learning from each other and imbibing the Indian ethos of tolerance, mutual respect and empathy which are the indispensable qualities of a competent civil servant.

In a broader sense, HSC aspires to produce civil servants who would be persons of integrity, good character, imbued with patriotism and fired with the zeal to serve the nation. Thus, HSC contributes its part in the process of nation building and societal integration.